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Hamilton Ice Sculptors Team PhotoHamilton Ice Sculptors seeks a motivated part-time Marketing Assistant to join its young, skilled and fast-growing team.

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Ice wall sculpture for Mont Blanc

Recently the Hamiltons were commissioned by luxury brand Mont Blanc to create a spectacular ice wall for the closing event of a prestigious three-day London promotion.

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Recreating famous sculptures in ice

La Montagne by MaillolThe Venus de Milo, Michelangelo’s David, Rodin’s The Thinker and La Montagne 1937 by Maillol. These are just some of the famous sculptures the team have been asked to recreate in ice, each of them presenting different challenges.

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Creating an ice chain

Anchore and Chain by Hamilton Ice SculptorsWatch the video below to see Duncan and Ben creating an ice chain. As you can see, each individual link has to be carved separately, while every other link is cut in half to be looped into its neighbour.

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Freezing objects in ice

Freezing objets in ice.Freezing objects in ice is a fairly regular request for the team here at Hamilton Ice Sculptors, and it may seem relatively simple, but you might be surprised at what’s involved.

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