Carving a tree for Kopparberg

Ice Sculpture for KopparbergThis week, the team have been busy carving a tree in ice for Kopparberg’s latest advert for their Frozen Fruit Cider range, which includes Strawberry & Lime and Elderflower & Lime flavours.

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Shooting ice

ice sculptors with Gary SalterIf you want to shoot ice with the Hamiltons, the process is very simple. The team will take some time to discuss your plans and find out exactly what you want to achieve.

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Worldwide ice adventures

worldwide ice sculptureLast week, the Hamiltons were asked to sculpt a tooth for a toothpaste company in Paris and it’s often the case that the team will travel to all kinds of locations around the world in order to create bespoke works of art.

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Ice sculptors on set

ice sculptors on setThe Hamiltons’ sculptures are regularly used on film and commercial shoots and it’s often the case that at least one of the team works on set.

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Filming idents

filming identsThe team were recently at the Milton Keynes Snow Dome filming idents for Harry’s Arctic Heroes.

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Vodka brands love ice sculpture

ice sculpting for vodka brandsThe Hamiltons really enjoy ice sculpting for vodka brands. It’s something they’re asked to do quite frequently.

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Making coloured ice

coloured iceThis week, the Hamiltons were approached by a client who is releasing a new perfume. They were asked to freeze a bottle in ice and to carve several smaller bottles for a photo shoot.

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Freezing your bills

ice-embedAt the recent Labour Party conference, Ed Miliband made a pledge to freeze energy bills until 2017 if he wins the next election.

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Animal sculpting is furry fun

duckIn the past few weeks the team have been on something of an animal sculpting spree and it turns out that the designs are not as straightforward as they may initially seem.

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Chocomel competition in Utrecht town square

Chocomel CylinderChocomel is a popular chocolate drink in the Netherlands and last week the Hamiltons were commissioned to create a sculpture of a tall, thin Chocomel can in Utrecht’s town square.

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