Preview our Magical Ice Kingdom

Arctic Adventure - Magical Ice Kingdom at Winter Wonderland, Hyde ParkGo fishing with the Inuits, take refuge in an igloo and have your photo taken with a giant polar bear at this year’s Magical Ice Kingdom in Winter Wonderland Hyde Park.

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The Ice Table for Fredrikson Stallard

Fredrikson Stallard Ice TableAs part of this year’s London Design Festival, the team were honoured to create an ice table for Fredrikson Stallard’s showcase, Momentum.

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Large ice sculptures come from big blocks

DuncanIceThe Hamiltons have recently begun a project that involves working with blocks of ice measuring two metres tall and weighing 1.7 tonnes.

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Horsing around.

UnicornThe team were recently requested to carve a two tonne unicorn ice sculpture for a big Christmas event in London. They began by fusing crystal clear blocks of ice together by lying them horizontally flat against each other inside a large container in the freezer.

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Swiss Sculptures take over London

From mid to the end of November exclusive Hamilton ice sculptures will be presented to the public at five iconic London venues as part of promotional events for Swiss Tourism.

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Pillars of the ice community.

Here is one of Hamilton Ice Sculptors’ latest projects. These 1.5m high pillars were carved specifically for artist Sarah Wiestner’s latest exhibition.

The challenge of creating these 50kg cylindrical shapes stemmed from being unable to freeze water in the mould of regular pipes. This is because water freezes from the outside in, so when the middle eventually becomes solid its expansion will shatter the structure.

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