Shooting ice

ice sculptors with Gary SalterIf you want to shoot ice with the Hamiltons, the process is very simple. The team will take some time to discuss your plans and find out exactly what you want to achieve.

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Ice sculptors on set

ice sculptors on setThe Hamiltons’ sculptures are regularly used on film and commercial shoots and it’s often the case that at least one of the team works on set.

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Freezing big objects in ice

freezing big objects in iceThe team is often asked to freeze objects in ice. This is done with special block-making machines which keep the water moving to make sure the ice freezes clear.

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When Hollywood asks for snow…

Exciting things are afoot for the Hamiltons today as they have been drafted into Pinewood Studios to create authentic snowfall for Roth Films and Universal Pictures’ latest venture, Snow White and the Huntsman. Here you can see Duncan collecting the white stuff for two insert shots to be captured with a macro lens – one of which will see blood falling onto snow and the other which will see snow falling onto a road. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until June next year to see the team’s latest foray onto the silver screen, but by all accounts, it’ll definitely be worth it.

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