Freezing objects in ice

Freezing objets in ice.Freezing objects in ice is a fairly regular request for the team here at Hamilton Ice Sculptors, and it may seem relatively simple, but you might be surprised at what’s involved.

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Creating ice wheels for Lexus

Lexus NX ice wheelsFor the past three months, the team have been busy creating ice wheels for a Lexus NX promotion.

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Carving a tree for Kopparberg

Ice Sculpture for KopparbergThis week, the team have been busy carving a tree in ice for Kopparberg’s latest advert for their Frozen Fruit Cider range, which includes Strawberry & Lime and Elderflower & Lime flavours.

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Making coloured ice

coloured iceThis week, the Hamiltons were approached by a client who is releasing a new perfume. They were asked to freeze a bottle in ice and to carve several smaller bottles for a photo shoot.

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Freezing big objects in ice

freezing big objects in iceThe team is often asked to freeze objects in ice. This is done with special block-making machines which keep the water moving to make sure the ice freezes clear.

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