Creating an ice chain

Anchore and Chain by Hamilton Ice SculptorsWatch the video below to see Duncan and Ben creating an ice chain. As you can see, each individual link has to be carved separately, while every other link is cut in half to be looped into its neighbour.

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Ice sculpting in summer

ice sculpture summerThe team are often asked if ice sculpting is just a winter activity and the answer is no! Ice sculptures are requested all year round for all kinds of occasions.

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Looking after ice sculpting tools

looking after ice sculpture tools‘Look after your tools and they’ll look after you’ is the motto. It may not be the most exciting aspect of being an ice sculptor, but maintaining your equipment is extremely important.

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A day in the life of an ice sculptor

ice sculptor day in the lifeEver wondered what it’s like to be an ice sculptor? Well, it’s not all glamorous occasions and commercial shoots, believe it or not.

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Making a maquette

dunc finishing clay unicornHere you can see Duncan sculpting a maquette of a unicorn in clay. A maquette is a small model prototype for a much larger work and is sometimes created by sculptors to act as a trial run.

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Transporting ice sculptures

transporting ice sculpturesYou may have realised that transporting ice sculptures can be a tricky business. Unless the team are sculpting live or on site, all sculptures are made at the studio in walk-in freezers at a temperature of -20 degrees.

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Don’t you get cold?

IMG_7160The Hamiltons often get asked if they get cold while sculpting. If the team aren’t sculpting live on the street as part of a performance, it’s most likely that a carving is being made in advance of being transported to its final destination.

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Creating movement in ice sculpture

DiverThe team are often asked to carve static inanimate objects, but what happens when they’re asked to create a feeling of action in a sculpture?

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The Top Five Questions We Get Asked

Ice dobbyIce sculpture isn’t exactly a mainstream art form, at least not here in the UK. It’s often the case that people know very little about it and the team often get asked the same questions by those with curious minds. Here are the top five:

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Sculpting human figures

sculpting human figuresSculpting human figures is one of the trickiest things the team are asked to do.

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