Nick represents the UK in Finland

Nick Smith ice sculptorWe’re extremely proud that our very own Nick Smith was recently selected to represent the UK at the Cave Ice Carving World Championships 2017 in the Finnish village of Leppävirtam, about 330km away from Helsinki.

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Creating ice wheels for Lexus

Lexus NX ice wheelsFor the past three months, the team have been busy creating ice wheels for a Lexus NX promotion.

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Carving a tree for Kopparberg

Ice Sculpture for KopparbergThis week, the team have been busy carving a tree in ice for Kopparberg’s latest advert for their Frozen Fruit Cider range, which includes Strawberry & Lime and Elderflower & Lime flavours.

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Shooting ice

ice sculptors with Gary SalterIf you want to shoot ice with the Hamiltons, the process is very simple. The team will take some time to discuss your plans and find out exactly what you want to achieve.

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Vodka brands love ice sculpture

ice sculpting for vodka brandsThe Hamiltons really enjoy ice sculpting for vodka brands. It’s something they’re asked to do quite frequently.

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Making coloured ice

coloured iceThis week, the Hamiltons were approached by a client who is releasing a new perfume. They were asked to freeze a bottle in ice and to carve several smaller bottles for a photo shoot.

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The building blocks of sculpture

chocomel build 15As previously posted in the blog, the team were commissioned to build a Chocomel tower structure in Utrecht’s town square. This ice, as with most of the Hamiltons’ ice was prepared under strictly controlled conditions in their UK studio and carefully shipped to the Netherlands.

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Cider commercials in the Slovenian woods

apple in iceCider commercials are very popular during the summer season and last week Ben and Jack headed off to Slovenia to assist with a commercial for a well-known cider brand.

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Freezing Flowers In Ice

Fruit and FlowersFruit and flowers are some of the most popular and surprsingly tricky customers of the spring/summer period. Not only are they utilisied for all kinds of commercial puposes – especially beverage and supermarket advertisements, they are also frequently requested for private parties and a variety of outdoor events.

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Closest To Cold – Advertising with Coors Light

JCVDCoors Light have recently unveiled their latest ads in the “Closest to Cold” campaign which feature a brand new realisation of the original “Take My Breath Away” commercial (see below) and a print that showcases a life-size sculpture of Jean Claude Van Damme carved by our very own Jamie Hamilton.

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