Pole to Pole

Each year Jagermeister take an enormous branded truck to music festivals all over the UK, and this year the Hamiltons have once again been asked to carve various creations for this U.S. army style transformer. Once parked, the truck’s rectangular body opens outwards and then sideways to reveal a bright orange freezer in which the centrepiece ringed ice bar will host all manner of muddy, jolly revellers. So if you happen to see this engineering marvel during your summer festival adventure, do drop in to sample a Jager shot with a difference and lounge on the roof terrace – yes, there’s a roof terrace as well!

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National Pride

You may find it strange to learn that the modern tradition of ice sculpture originally began when chefs were asked to create lavish centrepieces for banqueting tables. Thus, many ice sculptors begin their careers as chefs and allow their creative culinary handiwork to evolve into elaborate carvings. Duncan Hamilton did the same and now the team pride themselves on being able to turn their talents to any desired carving with any desired medium – assuming that it’s viable.

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