Launching Mortal Kombat X

Ice Sculpture of Sub-Zero Mortal KombatLast week, the team were drafted in to carve a sculpture for the hotly anticipated launch of video game, Mortal Kombat X, at DSTRKT, London.

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The Snowman and The Iceman make it into The Metro



The Hamiltons have been privileged to work on the celebrations for The Snowman’s 30th anniversary DVD which is available to buy now.

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Fab-ulous day for it.

As spring has officially arrived and given us the kind of weather one would expect in the height of summer, the Hamiltons have been busy creating a 10ft replica of a Fab lolly on Brighton beach. The team were asked and thus attempted to use the actual ingredients used in the childhood favourites, but unfortunately found that they were far too soft and melty to withstand the pressures of being a durable sculpture.

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