Worldwide ice adventures

worldwide ice sculptureLast week, the Hamiltons were asked to sculpt a tooth for a toothpaste company in Paris and it’s often the case that the team will travel to all kinds of locations around the world in order to create bespoke works of art.

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Chocomel competition in Utrecht town square

Chocomel CylinderChocomel is a popular chocolate drink in the Netherlands and last week the Hamiltons were commissioned to create a sculpture of a tall, thin Chocomel can in Utrecht’s town square.

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New Year New Designs

The Hamiltons are back in the studio and one of the first tasks of the year was to sculpt the famous Evian mountain peaks into a wall of ice for their latest campaign. Designs like this one are at first etched into the ice with a marking template before the big tools come in to finish the job. The mountains were then carved down into an intricate London skyline which very elegantly shows the versatility and almost unique transmogrifying property of ice as a sculpting material.

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When Hollywood asks for snow…

Exciting things are afoot for the Hamiltons today as they have been drafted into Pinewood Studios to create authentic snowfall for Roth Films and Universal Pictures’ latest venture, Snow White and the Huntsman. Here you can see Duncan collecting the white stuff for two insert shots to be captured with a macro lens – one of which will see blood falling onto snow and the other which will see snow falling onto a road. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until June next year to see the team’s latest foray onto the silver screen, but by all accounts, it’ll definitely be worth it.

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Come fly with me.

If you were out doing your Christmas shopping on Reading’s Broad Street last Saturday, you would have been treated to the live carving of a polar bear. Here you can see the intrigued punters looking on as Ben chisels away at the blocks of ice that eventually smooth out and melt into shape.

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Character Study

Chances are that you’ve watched the Cartoon Network at some point and perhaps you’ve also become attached to some of the characters associated with the channel. Well, now the team have been charged with the task of immortalising some of these quirky critters in ice. They will eventually become the stars of new idents which are due to be filmed at the Hamiltons’ studio. Here you can see Jack carving out the features of one particular furry friend. Can you tell who it is yet?

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