A Frozen Christmas for Channel 4

Lexus NX ice sculpture wheelsOver the festive period, the team were heavily featured in ‘A Frozen Christmas’, a documentary made for Channel 4 that explores the appeal and growing popularity of luxury ice sculptures, with a behind-the-scenes look at how they’re created.

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Ice sculpting for TFI Friday

Ice sculpture for TFI FridayOn Wednesday, the team had a last minute request to create some ice sculptures for the recently revived, TFI Friday.

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Shooting ice

ice sculptors with Gary SalterIf you want to shoot ice with the Hamiltons, the process is very simple. The team will take some time to discuss your plans and find out exactly what you want to achieve.

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Filming idents

filming identsThe team were recently at the Milton Keynes Snow Dome filming idents for Harry’s Arctic Heroes.

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Heineken meets Bond and the Venus di Milo

It has been an exciting time for the Hamiltons as their Venus di Milo sculpture takes an important role in Heineken’s latest commercial which had its television premiere last week.

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A Giant Mr. Whippy

On 30th June, the inhabitants of Gloucester were quite literally treated to a visual feast as The Hamiltons’ gigantic Mr. Whippy ice cream sculpture was unveiled by Heston Blumenthal in the town centre. As mentioned previously, this is all in aid of Heston’s new television series in which he explores Britain’s nostalgic culinary favourites.

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A Block of Ice Cream

You may have noticed that the blog has been on a sabbatical for a little while and you may be wondering why. Hopefully you will be impressed by its new integration into the main Hamilton Ice Sculptors website.

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New Year New Designs

The Hamiltons are back in the studio and one of the first tasks of the year was to sculpt the famous Evian mountain peaks into a wall of ice for their latest campaign. Designs like this one are at first etched into the ice with a marking template before the big tools come in to finish the job. The mountains were then carved down into an intricate London skyline which very elegantly shows the versatility and almost unique transmogrifying property of ice as a sculpting material.

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When Hollywood asks for snow…

Exciting things are afoot for the Hamiltons today as they have been drafted into Pinewood Studios to create authentic snowfall for Roth Films and Universal Pictures’ latest venture, Snow White and the Huntsman. Here you can see Duncan collecting the white stuff for two insert shots to be captured with a macro lens – one of which will see blood falling onto snow and the other which will see snow falling onto a road. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until June next year to see the team’s latest foray onto the silver screen, but by all accounts, it’ll definitely be worth it.

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An Idiot In Ice

It’s been a busy week at the Hamilton Ice Studio. The characters that were carved for the Cartoon Network’s idents have now been filmed melting. Here you can see Jake getting ready for his close-up. The team have also been busy sculpting a startlingly accurate ice replica of the Olympic Stadium on behalf of its constructors, while somehow making time to create natural frost on leaves for the De Beers’ Christmas catalogue.

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