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National Pride

You may find it strange to learn that the modern tradition of ice sculpture originally began when chefs were asked to create lavish centrepieces for banqueting tables. Thus, many ice sculptors begin their careers as chefs and allow their creative cul [...]

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Come fly with me.

If you were out doing your Christmas shopping on Reading's Broad Street last Saturday, you would have been treated to the live carving of a polar bear. Here you can see the intrigued punters looking on as Ben chisels away at the blocks of ice that ev [...]

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Glass Half Full

If you were lucky enough to be at the launch of 1 Kingsway in London last week you would have had the privilege of seeing the creations of international glass sculptor, Joseph Harrington. These abstract figures were formed from plaster casts of the H [...]

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Frozen Planet

Did you manage to catch The One Show last week? If you did, you may have seen the Hamiltons' sculptures accompanying the wonderful Sir David Attenborough in order to promote his latest show, the stunning Frozen Planet. It was a great privilege to mee [...]

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Instagram Ice Pics