Ice sculptors in Birmingham

Ice sculptors in Birmingham

Ice sculptors at your event in Birmingham


Hamilton Ice Sculptors has carefully established itself over the past four decades as an operation that prides itself on originality.

The unique and contemporary features of our style have piqued interest from all parts of the globe, leading to commissions for a vast range of events, individuals and projects.

A long list of customers includes several names from Birmingham, a city at the beating heart of England and home to a mix of creators, innovators and achievers just like us.

What we do


Virtually any design can be brought to life in ice, and every sculpture is unique.

Our creations have been displayed in many different places and circumstances, including:


Advertising and film: We have collaborated with marketing agencies to deliver campaigns in print, on television and online. We also make sculptures for film production companies and can adapt to work on set.


Events: Our work has featured in support of product launches and as part of corporate publicity stunts. We’ve also assisted with the creation of sets for plays, operas and musicals in theatres.


Large-scale projects: Hosting an exhibition or opening an attraction in Birmingham? We’ve sculpted ice bars for every occasion, and even crafted a Magical Ice Kingdom to meet the brief of one customer.


Ice luges: If you’re looking for a unique way to entertain your guests, be it at a wedding, birthday, or corporate party, why not consider ordering hand-carved ice luges for the event? Click here to read more.


Wedding services: Our artistic team specialises in handcrafting bespoke sculptures and carvings to commemorate your special day. Click here to read more.

Who we work with in Birmingham

The breadth of our customer base is striking, and we have experience joining forces with the following types of client:


  • Events and promotions for corporate entities

  • Celebrities

  • Film, production and advertising companies

  • Arts and public events teams, including theatre venues

  • Photographers

  • Party and wedding organisers


How much does it cost?


Given that our sculptures are carved by hand to order, and most commissions we accept are for original work, we are happy to provide quotations on an individual basis.

However, you’ll find an introductory guide on a dedicated page here.


Contact Hamilton Ice Sculptors


Interested in collaborating with us on an original idea?

We’d love to talk it through with you at our base.

Or, if you’re a distance away, then call us on 020 8944 9787 or send an email to

Alternatively, complete the contact form on our website and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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