Hamilton Ice Sculptors was started over 40 years ago as the first ice sculpting company in the UK.

Duncan, with his son Jamie and a small team of expert sculptors are proud to have developed a unique and contemporary artistic style which is recognised all over the world.

From PR and advertising projects to major public installations and film effects, the studio’s work encompasses every aspect of ice and snow creativity.

The Hamiltons have presented sculptures all over the globe, taking in North America, China, India and Australia, as well as extensive commissions across Europe.

The team have also worked with public figures such as Justin Timberlake, Elton John, Beyoncé and the Royal Family, with corporations ranging from Microsoft to Shell and Jaguar to Coca-Cola.

Public work has been produced with the English National Opera, National Theatre, RSC, Cape Farewell and the Ice Bear Project. Duncan and his team appear regularly in the media.

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Call: 020 8944 9787 | Email: info@icesculpture.co.uk

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Call: 020 8944 9787 | Email: info@icesculpture.co.uk

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