Film & TV

Advertising and film sculpting represent a large proportion of the Hamiltons’ work. The team often collaborate with agencies to deliver campaigns for print, online and television. Their carvings have appeared in the advertising creative for a number of well-known clients.

Cider commercials have been very popular during the summer season and recently Ben and Jack headed off to Slovenia to assist with a commercial for a well-known cider brand. For this particular trip the ice was prepared at the Hamiltons’ studio in London and then transported by lorry to Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, ready for carving.

Brand Launches and Campaigns

Over the years, we have had many brands approach us to help them create innovative advertising campaigns and it isn’t hard to see why. Ice Sculptures and the ice sculpting process offers a unique and memorable experience unlike anything else, making it the perfect match for marketing.

As with all art, ice sculptures offer endless possibilities and when it comes to promoting and launching products, you cannot go wrong with something as memorable, beautiful and ephemeral as ice.

The right question to ask is, what can’t we make into an ice sculpture?

Our sculpting team loves a challenge and get excited when clients approach us with new and unprecedented design proposals.

What can you make into an ice sculpture?

Finlandia vodka sculpture

One of the most popular design requests we have received over the years is to freeze an object within the ice. From food to flowers, we are always up for the challenge and one of the most challenging but exciting objects we have been asked to encase in ice was a very heavy Honda ATV quadbike!

As part of a marketing campaign to demonstrate that Honda is the ‘worlds best’ and their vehicles can withstand the harshest of temperatures we were asked to encase the ATV in a solid block of ice. The vehicle was then left to thaw on film and once the ice had melted a driver mounted the bike and demonstrated how it started up on the first crank!

This wasn’t the only time that a company has approached us with a marketing campaign idea that would demonstrate the dexterity and sheer resilience their product. In 2015 Lexus approached us with an idea to create ice wheels that a car could actually drive on to explore how ice could be used in place of conventional alloy metal and rubber.

As with any advertisement shoot, attention to detail is everything which is why four members of our sculpting team working tirelessly for 36 hours to produce each wheel. This unique project took over 2 months of designing, planning, a lot of research and testing between the producer, model makers and our team but at the end of it we were able to create functioning ice wheels and an incredible advertising campaign.

Play Video about Lexus Ice Wheel

Aside from freezing objects in ice, our team naturally specialises in creating the most incredible ice sculptures for film, tv and advertising campaigns.

Here you can see some of the many sculptures we have created to promote shows such as Sky’s Idiot Abroad by creating the illusion of the infamous Karl Pilkington in Ice, recreating MTV’s logo from a frosted block of ice and even a life sized ice bath tub for the promotion of an Eddie Izzard show!

Hamilton Ice Sculptors has also worked with a range of Alcoholic beverage companies such as Jägermeister, Gordons Gin and Budweiser, encasing their infamous bottles in clear blocks of ice and in the case of Gordon’s creating a work of art within the ice itself.

In 2014 we worked with Jack Daniels who approached our team with a unique idea to support the launch of their new Honey Flavoured Whisky. We were asked to create an ice sculpture of their new Jack Daniels Honey bottle on camera, showcasing all the different tools and methods of ice sculpting whilst dressed as Jack Daniels bee keepers.

Our team were able to create a true to life replica of the well known Jack Daniels bottle with a CNC precision logo etched onto the front.