Art Projects & Exhibitions

Ephemeral works of art

In the realm of art projects and exhibitions, finding distinctive ways to capture the attention of art enthusiasts and the general public is crucial. Enter the enchanting world of ice sculptures—a captivating and unconventional medium that can elevate the promotion of art projects and exhibitions to new heights.

An ice sculpture can serve as a remarkable centrepiece, drawing the gaze of passers-by and instantly piquing their curiosity. Whether it takes the form of a replica of a key artwork or a symbolic representation of the project’s theme, the sculpture becomes an artistic statement in itself. The intricate details and ethereal beauty of the ice sculpture create an immediate visual impact, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, an ice sculpture can also act as a temporary installation, aligning with the transience often associated with art projects and exhibitions. The impermanence of the sculpture conveys a sense of urgency and exclusivity—encouraging art enthusiasts to visit the exhibition before the sculpture inevitably melts away. This time-limited experience adds an element of excitement and anticipation, compelling individuals to act swiftly to witness the sculpture and the accompanying art project.

Chelsea Flower Show

Collaborative work

Ice sculptures are the embodiment of artistic expression, elegance, and innovation. As frozen works of art, they possess a unique ability to captivate and evoke emotions like no other medium.

Whether we are working on our own exhibitions or collaborating with fellow artists, our custom ice sculptures provide a limitless canvas for your imagination. We take immense pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our team of experienced ice sculptors possesses a deep understanding of the medium, allowing them to sculpt with precision and finesse. From the initial conceptualization to the final chisel stroke, we meticulously carve each sculpture, ensuring that it reflects your artistic vision in its purest form.

Bespoke exhibition ice sculptures

Our team has been privileged to work on some amazing creative projects, collaborating with a range of incredible artists:

The Ice Bear Project with Mark Coreth has been seen on 3 continents, while other recent ice creations include an installation at Future Shock by Caterina Barbieri, as well as work with Donna Huanca, and glass sculptor Joseph Harrington who moulds beautiful organic glass shapes from our ice.

In Expectation of the Thaw with Rhett Brewer has been performed in the Arctic Circle and at the Royal Albert Hall, and Cape Farewell’s work is renowned internationally.

Work in the theatre includes ice props and structures for the RSC, National Theatre, English National Opera, Young Vic, and Opera de Oviedo.

Frequent collaborator Peer Lindgreen is currently working with Duncan on Shock of the Form, a series of personal explorations into a secret world of ice captured on film.