Nick Smith

Nick spent a year in art college and two years as a tattoo artist before making the unwitting leap into ice sculpture.

After a bout of heavy snow, Nick decided to make a Buzz Lightyear snowman for his little boy, and in doing so, began a social media storm of his own.

Having put a photo of his creation on Facebook, the post went viral, gaining over 240,000 likes and over 8,000 shares. The photo also ended up on Twitter, along with a series of photos of Nick’s gruesome but wonderful pumpkin carvings.

Becoming ever more intrigued by his wide-ranging sculpting abilities, the Hamiltons asked him to pop into the studio to help out for a few days. The rest is history.

Nick’s favourite job was the Walking With The Wounded shoot and his specialities are design, concept art, faces and monsters.

Nick Smith