An Idiot In Ice

It’s been a busy week at the Hamilton Ice Studio. The characters that were carved for the Cartoon Network’s idents have now been filmed melting. Here you can see Jake getting ready for his close-up. The team have also been busy sculpting a startlingly accurate ice replica of the Olympic Stadium on behalf of its constructors, while somehow making time to create natural frost on leaves for the De Beers’ Christmas catalogue.

Always controversial, but never dull, Ricky Gervais has been making headlines over the past few weeks and is currently enjoying his current spate of limelight with a brand new comedy series, “Life’s Too Short”. As if that weren’t enough, the return of “An Idiot Abroad” sees the incomparable Karl Pilkington unleashed on the wider world and the Hamiltons had great fun effectively freezing Karl for these promotional billboard posters that you may have seen around town.

Finally, after the success of the Frozen Planet sculptures accompanying David Attenborough on The One Show a couple of weeks ago, it’s particularly exciting to report that Duncan will be returning to Television Centre to demonstrate the delicate art of ice carving to Phil Tufnell on 16th December. Be sure to keep an eye out!