Animal sculpting is furry fun

In the past few weeks the team have been on something of an animal sculpting spree and it turns out that the designs are not as straightforward as they may initially seem. In order to capture a good likeness, a lot of research goes into becoming familiar with the intimate details of our furry/feathered friends. But it’s this detail that actually makes them appear far more alien. When you get up close and personal with a squirrel, it’s not quite so cute anymore. It’s a rat with a furry tail. When you take time to study a robin, its sweet reputation is challenged by a pair of beady, sinister eyes.

The key to farmyard success is to strike a balance between documentary realism and the saccharine, soft curves and huge eyes that you’d find in most children’s cartoons.  For basic shape, the team find it really helpful to use photos and toys as an inspiration. Spending time with real or fake animals must be pretty enjoyable as Ben has already sculpted 12 squirrels and it looks like there may be more to come. You’ll be able to see this collection of creatures at a Christmas event in London, but it’s all a bit hush, hush for now.