Can you afford to wait?

Since the last blog the Hamiltons have been working with photographer Louisa Parry on a Wall Street Systems campaign at her studio in Hackney. As you can see, the words “Can you afford to wait?” were assembled in melting ice to add more poignancy to the phrase. The letters had to be shot from overhead while decaying which is an extremely unusual occurrence in the world of ice sculpture.

Normally, a sculpture will be carved and left for hours if not days to melt. However, in this instance it was important to capture the ice at exactly the right point in its transitory state with just enough surrounding water. This meant that Duncan spent hours endlessly re-carving the fiddly thin characters in order to get the perfect shot. Time is certainly of the essence in this game!

In other news, two central London hotels hosted the team this week. One for a corporate sculpting masterclass for a group of 11 and the other saw a sculpture of the London Eye take pride of place for a staff party. Indeed, various items from the London skyline are among the most popular requests and if you are interested in having a go at something similar yourself, then please click here for more information about taking part in one of our masterclasses.

Last but not least, Canary Wharf was the scene for Visit Lauderdale’s latest tourism promotion and the Hamiltons were on hand to provide an eclectic mix of frozen swimsuits that were used as photographic props for the unwitting passers by. Please click on the video below for a flavour of the day’s events. Remember you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel here.