Celebrate our 40th anniversary

In 1976, Duncan Hamilton began sculpting ice and went on to establish Hamilton Ice Sculptors as the first professional ice sculpting company in the UK.

From brands like Coca Cola and Apple to Cartier and Chanel, we’ve had the privilege of working with a huge range of clients across a multitude of different industries, all over the world.

We’ve worked with celebrities such as: Elton John, Beyoncé, Steven Spielberg and David Attenborough. We’ve sculpted on film productions, commercials and idents.

We’ve created sculptures for major arts and public projects, as well as fulfilling commissions for political and state events involving the Queen and 10 Downing Street to name just a few.

Our reputation has seen us become the most prestigious and established ice sculptors in the country and this is something of which we’re extremely proud. So now we’d like you to join us in celebrating our 40th anniversary.

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