Character Study

Chances are that you’ve watched the Cartoon Network at some point and perhaps you’ve also become attached to some of the characters associated with the channel. Well, now the team have been charged with the task of immortalising some of these quirky critters in ice. They will eventually become the stars of new idents which are due to be filmed at the Hamiltons’ studio. Here you can see Jack carving out the features of one particular furry friend. Can you tell who it is yet?

Meanwhile, out on the streets of Norwich members of the public were pleasantly surprised to see the team sculpting penguins by the main entrance of John Lewis. If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know why it’s probably fair to say that David Attenborough would have appreciated these too!

Delving into the more recent archives this week, Jamie managed to uncover an excellent video of a dancing ice robot that he created for Ballantine’s scotch whisky. The process was streamed live on Facebook via a camera attached to Jamie’s head. Users then had the chance to interact and therefore influence the creation of the robot. Intrigued? Take a look at the video below.