Chocomel competition in Utrecht town square

Chocomel is a popular chocolate drink in the Netherlands and last week the Hamiltons were commissioned to create a sculpture of a tall, thin Chocomel can in Utrecht’s town square.

Twenty tonnes of ice were prepared in the UK and then shipped in pineapple-sized chunks to the Netherlands where the build team meticulously put the can together, brick by brick, in the middle of the night. It took seven hours to complete the construction which seemed to have appeared by magic when the local residents discovered their new monument at dawn.

The team then began sculpting the finer detail into the surface of the can which was heavily influenced by South American designs. However, the real point of interest was the Chocomel can frozen inside the sculpture. People were invited to guess when the can would fall out by predicting how long it would take for the ice to melt.

All entrants had to leave an estimated time with their phone number and wait for the can to drop. After 2.5 days, the surrounding webcams recorded the can’s plummet to the ground and the winner received a Mini Cooper which was driven to its new owner straight away. How’s that for service?