Cider commercials in the Slovenian woods

Cider commercials are very popular during the summer season and last week Ben and Jack headed off to Slovenia to assist with a commercial for a well-known cider brand. For this particular trip the ice was prepared at the Hamiltons’ studio in London and then transported by lorry to Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, ready for carving.

You may be under the impression that it’s a bit of a laborious process to ship ice rather than to make it at the destination. However, in order for the final sculptures to meet the team’s exacting standards and the client’s specific requirements, it’s absolutely imperative that the ice is formed under controlled conditions.

Cider Commercials Deep in the Forest

The commercial’s shoot was set to take place deep in a forest clearing in northern Slovenia, taking advantage of nature’s early morning mist. After two days of preparation, a trailer supporting the 40 stone blocks of ice was toed into position by a tractor and its vocal driver who was blasting out a great rendition of “Eye of the Tiger”. It took eight people to move and assemble the towers of ice blocks. Thankfully the results proved that this was more than worth the effort.

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