A day in the life of an ice sculptor

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an ice sculptor? Well, it’s not all glamorous occasions and commercial shoots, believe it or not. On a non-event day, the team get into work at 8.30am for the daily briefing and a cup of tea (naturally).

Some of the team will then head off to the studio to get the ice out of the machines, while the others will liaise with clients and do a bit of admin in the office.

Ice sculpture magic

The ice goes into the freezer and designs get drawn up before lunch when the team discuss other important topics of the day. After lunch, the magic happens.

Sculpting goes on until 5pm with another mini break at 3 for – you guessed it – another cup of tea. If there’s an evening event, the van gets loaded and ready to go. It’s pretty much non-stop action. Do you think you could handle it?