Don’t you get cold?

The Hamiltons often get asked if they get cold while sculpting. If the team aren’t sculpting live on the street as part of a performance, it’s most likely that a carving is being made in advance of being transported to its final destination.

In order to prevent melting before the sculpture’s big day it’s carved and stored in the freezer which is -20 degrees.

So how do ice sculptors make sure they don’t get frostbite, hypothermia and all those other lovely things associated with being far too cold? The answer is: they wear a lot of protective gear.

From tough insulated gloves and freezer coats to aprons and hats, everything is designed specifically to keep the heat in.

The team even wear big steel-capped boots, not just for warmth, but for safety too. Ice and water are slippery. You never know what may unexpectedly drop on your feet.

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