Everything you need to know about ice carvings

At Hamilton Ice Sculptors, we live and breathe ice carving! We adore the transient nature of ice, and getting to work with this natural and beautiful resource every day is nothing short of incredible, but how do we do it? 

If you are interested in learning more about the ice carving process, keep reading…

How does ice carving work?

As the name suggests, ice carving begins with a large slab of ice which we create on-site using our workshop freezer. Our team will then use a chainsaw to start carving away large chunks of ice to create a more general outline that matches the design we will have worked on with the client.

As soon as it starts to take shape, our team will begin the more intricate carving process using chisels and ice picks to gradually reveal the details of the design. During this phase, the ice will really start to take shape, and the more intricate details that bring the sculpture to life will be added.

Depending on the design, the carving may then be carefully secured to an ice plinth or other carvings to create a larger sculpture. Our team can then add LED lights to really bring this fun work of art to life!

What types of things can be carved?

Absolutely anything! Our ice sculpting team love a challenge, and over the years, we have indeed been challenged by the fun and innovative ideas clients have come up with. We have created everything from life-size sculptures of people, cars and animals to functional ice bars and seats. 

The projects we work on know no bounds but if you are looking for inspiration, take a look at the ‘Our Work’ section of our website, where you’ll find galleries of everything from Parties & Events to Films & TV.

How long do ice carvings last?

We find that the true beauty of ice carving lies in their ephemeral nature, and as they melt, they transform into new works of art. But, how long an ice carving will last will depend on where it is placed. 

For example, if your ice carving is for a Spring/Summer event and is placed in direct sunlight, it will last considerably less time than in a more temperature-controlled environment. Our ice sculptures at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland are a great example of how long ice sculptures can last if kept cold!

Generally, ice carvings will last for around 12 hours, but it will only take 4 hours for the details to disappear. We always recommend keeping ice carvings in the coolest part of the venue and are happy to advise clients on where we think it will work best. 

How much do ice carvings cost?

Each of our ice carvings is entirely unique and made to order, which means quotes are provided on an individual basis. The cost of an ice carving will depend entirely on the size, design, time frame, and any additions such as LED lights.

If you are interested in our team creating a bespoke sculpture for your event, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 020 8944 9787 or use our Contact Form for a free quote.