Fab-ulous day for it.

As spring has officially arrived and given us the kind of weather one would expect in the height of summer, the Hamiltons have been busy creating a 10ft replica of a Fab lolly on Brighton beach. The team were asked and thus attempted to use the actual ingredients used in the childhood favourites, but unfortunately found that they were far too soft and melty to withstand the pressures of being a durable sculpture.

The Hamiltons’ specially formed ice had to be artificially coloured to act as an adequate substitute, while crude chunks of wood were cut up and painted to represent the hundreds and thousands. Finally, a scaled up lolly stick had to be carefully frozen into a clear block of ice to make the stand which held the whole structure in place. As you can tell, resourcefulness is often a key requirement in fulfilling a client’s needs!

Sport Relief took place last week and yet again, various celebrities have been putting themselves forward for massive feats of physical endurance in the name of some fantastic charitable causes. Comedians John Bishop and David Walliams are just two who have taken on water based challenges and not so very long ago, Eddie Izzard ran an epic 43 marathons in 51 days.

To celebrate this Herculean achievement the Radio Times commissioned the team and photographer Laurence Haskell to carve and snap Eddie in an ice bath for an interview. Here are the results. Don’t worry, absolutely no ice burns were endured. Eddie got to sit on bubble wrap, which is obviously great fun in itself.