Five Reasons to Have an Ice Sculpture at Your Event

Get creative and add a unique atmosphere to your event or special occasion by commissioning an ice sculpture to entertain your guests.

Five Reasons to Have an Ice Sculpture at Your Event

Ice sculptures are a great way to add a new dimension to your event, be it a birthday party, corporate do, or wedding. Hand-carved sculptures can be made to fit any theme, size or style, at any time of the year – and they’re guaranteed to make your event as memorable as it can be.

If you’re still not convinced, here are the top five reasons to commission an ice sculpture for your event:

1. Add an Element of Exclusivity to Your Event

The best events are the most exclusive ones, and there’s nothing quite like being invited to the most exclusive party of the year!

But creating a truly exclusive event is always a challenge. One way to add an element of exclusivity is to commission an ice sculpture. Bespoke, hand-carved ice sculptures are in themselves exclusively designed, and no two ice sculptures are ever the same.

By having a large sculpture as the centrepiece of a venue or at the doorway to welcome your guests to the party, they’ll know that you, the host, has gone above and beyond to ensure the event exudes exclusivity.

Ice sculptures can be carved into an array of designs, and kept cold and icy even in the heat of summer, allowing you to add exclusivity at any time of the year.

2. Extra Promotion

Having a bespoke, hand-carved ice sculpture as a centrepiece of your venue not only adds exclusivity to the event, but it creates a talking point too.

We’ve carved sculptures as diverse as the Empire State Building, company mascots, and even life-size tractors. No idea is too much for us to take on, and you’ll be surprised at just how versatile a material ice can be when it comes to sculpting memorable designs.

These beautiful, quirky, and creative ice sculptures will be the talk of your party, which means your guests will be standing in line to take selfies and pose with your ice art throughout the event.

Commission a sculpture with your company name or logo inscribed on it, and you’ll be able to take advantage of a huge amount of extra promotion throughout the event. Encourage your guests to hashtag their photographs on social media, and enjoy extra publicity when people start sharing photographs of your ice sculptures on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

3. Every Ice Sculpture Is Totally Unique

We’ve been carving bespoke ice sculptures for over 40 years, so we understand just how important it is to have a comprehensive service and a bespoke sculpture at the end of the process.

In order to be exclusive and the centrepiece of a party, an ice sculpture must be unique. It shouldn’t be the same design that you’ll find at your rival’s event, and it needs to be personally tailored to suit the theme and ambiance of your party.

That’s why every ice sculpture we design and carve is bespoke. It’s unique to your event, it follows your personal or company values to give the sculpture personality, and it will be exclusive to you. It will also provide a unique focal point at your party or event.

We take pride in our personal service too, and not just in the unique sculptures we produce. We understand that to make sculptures as unique as possible, we need to know exactly what our clients desire.

4. Ice Sculptures Can Fit Any Theme

One of the top reasons to commission an ice sculpture for your event is that they can be made to fit any theme.

Ice sculptures aren’t just for a winter wonderland or an ice-themed party. Far from it. Ice is one of the most fascinating materials used by artists, and it’s always surprising to people just how versatile it is.

Ice sculptures can be large monoliths, or they can be small, yet intricately detailed (they can be large and intricately detailed, too). Ice sculptures can be customised, decorated, and even lit up using LED lights to fit colour schemes or to add some extra oomph to the atmosphere.

They can be tailored to be appropriate for weddings, birthday parties, or corporate gatherings. With ice sculptures, you have an exceptional chance to be creative, which is why they are such a great addition to your event.

5. Ice Sculptures Make an Event More Memorable

Ultimately, all of these great reasons to have an ice sculpture at your event result in making the event more memorable than it otherwise would be.

Your unique, hand-carved, tailor-made ice sculpture is not only there for decoration or selfies, it’s there to breathe life into an event.

With the right ice sculpture, it’s your event people will remember for the rest of the year, and it’s your event people will be clamouring to attend the next time you host a party, because they’ll remember just how great it was last time!

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