Freezing big objects in ice

The team is often asked to freeze objects in ice. This is done with special block-making machines which keep the water moving to make sure the ice freezes clear. Still water freezes opaque with bubbles and more often than not, this isn’t the desired effect.

Everyone wants to see what’s been frozen. So what happens when the team has to freeze an object in ice that is far too big to fit into the machines?

How do you go about freezing big objects in ice?

The Hamiltons make their own custom boxes which are big enough to hold large objects.

The issue is that the ice won’t freeze clear if the water remains still. That means the team also has to incorporate a pump which circulates the water enough to stop it freezing opaque.

Being as resourceful and inventive as possible is part and parcel of being an ice sculptor. Adapting designs, materials and processes is an essential part of creating what the client wants. The sculpture above is a prop for a film. But we can’t tell you what it is yet. Watch this space…

Take a look at some of our best frozen objects in ice.