Freezing Flowers In Ice

Fruit and flowers are some of the most popular and surprsingly tricky customers of the spring/summer period. Not only are they utilisied for all kinds of commercial puposes – especially beverage and supermarket advertisements, they are also frequently requested for private parties and a variety of outdoor events.

Creating that all-imporant summer vibe with frozen petals and berries is a fantastic but fiddly idea. Flora are so delicate that the slightest change to their environment can lead to damage and this is even more true when you are considering freezing them at -15℃.

Forget any preconceived notions of freezing as a preservation tool. In order to make sure that the ice remains completely clear and crisp, the process necessarily has to be far slower than normal. Subsequently, care must be taken to ensure that the petals do not die and that the solidifying water retained naturally inside the fruit does not cause them to explode!

At this point you may be wondering why anyone would choose to put themselves through the bother of using ice, but its unsurpassed beauty and natural characteristics far outstrip the more unnatural charms of its nearest competitor, acrylic. Experienced photographers always notice the difference and generally favour the way light catches the natural fractures and bubbles of ice which can only serve to enhance the overall effect.