Heineken meets Bond and the Venus di Milo

It has been an exciting time for the Hamiltons as their Venus di Milo sculpture takes an important role in Heineken’s latest commercial which had its television premiere last week. The Skyfall inspired advert sees an ordinary man mistaken for Daniel Craig’s James Bond as he is subsequently pursued by a plethora of assailants through a moving train. Our hero’s attempts to avoid capture lead him into a walk-in freezer where Venus looks on as he slides past her, frantically grabbing at her arms while trying to keep his balance.

Unbelievably, the stuntman whose job was to slip along the icy studio floor managed to do it perfectly for each take, removing the sculpture’s arms which had been attached with removable perspex rods. Three pairs of arms were made for this purpose and Jamie spent a week in the team’s own freezer carving a 250kg, 5ft tall modernised image of the infamous work with help from his son Rhys. If you haven’t already seen it, please check out the advert in full below.