Ice Bars

Ice bar stand

Ice Bars

At Hamilton Ice Sculptors, we are proud to offer a wide range of bespoke ice sculptures, including one of our most popular designs, the ice bar. Ice bars are the perfect addition to make any occasion that much more memorable, being carefully designed and hand-carved by our team to meet each client’s requirements.

Some of our ice bars have featured at:

Magical Ice Kingdom 2012-2019
Edinburgh Ice Adventure 2017
Manchester Ice Village 2018

Ice Bars for all Events

Our Ice bars can be custom-made into any shape and size imaginable and can be designed as a stand-alone sculpture or can include an ice luge. Our most popular designs to date are the classic straight bar where your guests can sit and enjoy an ice-cold beverage or the circular bar for a more social atmosphere.

Our team has proudly created unique and eye-catching ice bars for countless party events, weddings, and engagement parties, as well as for commercial events around the globe. Over the years, our team has encased countless objects in ice to bring events to life; from flowers to champagne, each ice bar is a unique challenge!

Ice bars can be finished with beautiful engravings with anything from a company logo to the name and date of the event. We also offer subtle LED lighting in a range of colours that can be used to complement and accentuate the natural beauty of your bespoke ice creation.

Hamilton Ice Sculptors have created ice bars for commercial use at venues such as Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, The Manchester Ice Village, and Edinburgh’s Ice Adventure. Take a look at our Ice Gallery to see some of the incredible ice bars our team has created for both private and public events.

How much do Ice Bars cost?

The cost of each ice sculpture will vary based on the size and specifications of the client, but generally, our ice bars start from £600 plus VAT. Many of our clients choose to include ice luges as part of the ice bar design for bartenders to pour ice-cold drinks into the glasses along the bar, but it is important to note that additions such as this will increase the overall cost of this service

For more information on the pricing of our services, you can visit our Ice Sculpture Costs page, or for a direct quote, please get in touch with our team.

Get in touch

With over 40 years of experience in the field, we have proudly perfected our techniques, using more modern and effective means of creating ice sculptures. These techniques allow us to take and create custom orders in advance as the finished products can be kept in pristine condition in a walk-in freezer, ready for your event.

Whether you have a specific ice bar design in mind or are looking for some inspiration, our team loves a challenge and will be more than happy to help you create a bespoke ice bar sculpture for any event or occasion.

If you would like to know more about our bespoke ice bar sculptures, pricing, or would like a quote for a project, get in touch today on 020 8944 9787 or email us at to speak with one of the team.

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