Ice luges – the lowdown

Ice luges, vodka luges, whatever you’d like to call them, are some of the most popular ice sculptures the team are asked to carve.

No clue what they are? Ice luges are sculptures that you can drink from and they make fantastic centrepieces at big events, parties and special occasions.

The idea is that you place yourself at one end of the sculpture and get ready for someone else to pour your desired drink through the carving, into your mouth.

Therefore, what you end up with is a drink with the ice on the outside.

Ice luges – how do they work?

Pretty much any ice sculpture can become an ice luge as long as there is enough room in which to drill a hole or chainsaw out a channel.

The Hamiltons often carve single, double and triple luges, but you can have as many channels as the space will allow. Ice luges make for a fun activity and a definite conversation starter that will live long in the memory.

Take a look at some of our favourite ice luges below and click here to see more party sculptures.