Ice Luges

Ice Luges

Ice Luges

If you’re looking for a unique way to entertain your guests, be it at a wedding, birthday, or corporate party, why not consider ordering hand-carved ice luges for the event?

Ice luges are not only excellent entertainment, they offer a unique talking point, too – and they really add a WOW factor to your event.

Hamilton Ice Sculptors is the oldest-running ice-carving company in the UK, so we know a thing or two about carving ice luges!

What Are Ice Luges?

Ice luges are unique works of ice, primarily designed for drinking (which is why they’re perfect for parties!), with a channel carved into the ice that allows liquids to pour from top to bottom.

You pour a drink into the luge at the top, and gravity brings it down into a waiting glass (or directly into the drinker’s mouth!) at the bottom of the ice luge. Choose your favourite spirit, be it vodka or Jagermeister, and the bartender will pour it down the luge, while you drink from the other end.

They’re similar in concept to the luge event at the Winter Olympics (from where their name originates), except there’ll probably be more drinks involved at your event and less sledging!

Our ice luges are bespoke, which means they can be designed in a fantastic variety of ways. Ice luges can be big or small, table-sized or venue centrepieces, intricate or simple.

A classic ice luge is carved to resemble a toboggan run or slide, but we love to get creative and have carved ice luges into ice bars, ice luges shaped like champagne bottles, and ice luges with bottles of spirits encased within the ice.

How Are Ice Luges Made?

Producing an ice luge starts with a large block of ice. Our team takes a lot of pride in producing the finest ice, which is a lot more complicated than you might realise.

The ice needs to be crystal clear, and has to withstand the temperature of the event where it will hold pride of place. We produce our own blocks of ice before we start carving them into shapes.

First we need a design. The inspiration for an ice luge design comes from the theme of the party, the ideas of our clients, or the creativity and experience of our ice carvers.

Once we know what needs to be carved, we set about working the ice into shape in our temperature-controlled workshops. The tools we use depend on the size and intricacy of the design. Our ice carvers use chisels and chainsaws to roughly shape the ice luge, before setting about with razor-sharp ice-carving tools for detail.

What Prevents an Ice Luge from Melting?

No ice luge can keep its shape forever, but our production and transportation process ensures that your ice luge will be at its best for the duration of your event.

Sculptures are carved and transported in a temperature-controlled environment. We keep the ice luge wrapped up until the event starts to prevent it from melting.

You can limit melting by placing ice luges in colder areas of the event (away from heaters) while using a drainage system to carry away any water that drips from the luge.

Where Can Ice Luges Be Used?

Ice luges can be designed for a wide range of events. At Hamilton Ice Sculptors, we’ve carved bespoke ice luges for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and much more.

Our ice luges can be standalone creations, used as table pieces, or built into a larger ice bar set up for the duration of your event.

Ice luges can be used inside or outside, as long as the temperature is relatively well controlled. If it’s winter they’ll survive for longer outside, while in summer they offer a cooling escape from the sun.

Contact Hamilton Ice Sculptors

Hamilton Ice Sculptors has over 40 years’ experience in the ice-carving industry. We’re the oldest continually running ice-sculpting company in the United Kingdom. So rest assured, your ice luges are in safe hands.

Our ice luges are bespoke, hand-carved, and made to order. As well as carving intricate ice luges, we also sculpt a range of ice features, party sculptures and ice bars to complement any event you might be planning.

Contact Hamilton Ice Sculptors today to discuss your ice luge requirements with a member of our friendly team of ice carvers.

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