Ice sculptors on set

The Hamiltons’ sculptures are regularly used on film and commercial shoots and it’s often the case that at least one of the team works on set.

Here you can see Jamie on the set of an ident shoot for Harry’s Arctic Heroes.

It’s useful to have experienced ice sculptors on set because their advice and knowledge can be invaluable, especially when working with specialised materials that may be unfamiliar to other members of the crew.

Filming with ice sculptors on set

An ice sculptor’s on-set duties range from re-carving details to creating clear effects with a blow torch. It’s not all glamour though. Filming often requires the team to work strange hours and for long periods of time.

It also involves a lot of waiting around with buckets of tools until the art director needs assistance. It’s all worth it though. Seeing your own sculptures on film and giving them a much wider audience makes the entire process extremely rewarding.

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