Drop The Bomb – Advertising With Jägermeister

The Hamiltons have been privileged to work with Jägermeister for some years in order to carve ice bars for several music festivals up and down the country. The team were therefore extremely excited to be called upon to create sculptures for their latest ubiquitous advertising campaign.

Here you can see how the various Jägermeister bottles were frozen in ice to create a natural looking effect. The ice was allowed to form to appear craggy, dark and textured as per the client’s requirements in stark contrast to most alcoholic advertisements in which clients utilise ice specifically to exploit its clear, clean and shiny aesthetic. Perhaps this has something to do with the brand’s desire to move away from associations with the popular club drink, “The Jäger Bomb” – in which the herbal liqueur is mixed with Red Bull. Trade press Marketing Week ran an interesting article about the campaign here.

You can now see the team’s frozen handiwork as photographed by James Day on the London Underground, at bus stops and almost anywhere you can hang a poster.

2013 Masterclass Dates Announced

As you may already know, the Hamiltons host several masterclasses at their studio in Wimbledon which give everyone the chance to experience the pleasure of ice sculpting first hand. They have just announced their dates for 2013 and subject to demand, there may be more added in the near future.

All masterclasses take place on Saturday afternoons 2-5pm. The 2013 dates are:

2nd March
1st June
31st August
30th November

For more information and to make a booking please click here. Payment is accepted via BACs, cheque or credit card (through PayPal).