In Expectation of the Thaw

Last week Jack and Ben enjoyed a trip to Doncaster to set up a 9m curved ice bar weighing 1.5 tonnes for a very special 70th birthday party that had Ronnie Corbett providing the entertainment. There were also separate sculptures which included candles in columns, ice bowls and frozen whiskey bottles.

Meanwhile, somewhere in a West London hotel, the team were also busy putting the finishing touches to a dragon and a boxing kangaroo for a Chinese and Australian themed anniversary party. Here you can see some of the preparation being undertaken by Duncan and Jack.

If you happen to be in the Canary Wharf area on Friday 27th January, you’ll be able to see a pair of Bermuda shorts and a bikini frozen in the Hamiltons’ ice as part of an advertisement for Fort Lauderdale. Why not go and stand behind them and pretend that you’re wearing them? You never know, it might be fun!

Heart FM have also been utilising the team’s skills for several competitions in which various items are frozen in ice and the public have to predict how long it will be before the object in question drops out. The latest curiosity is this lovely engagement ring being modelled by Duncan.

Not so very long ago, Jamie designed the stage set for London composer and vocalist Rhett Brewer’s “In Expectation of the Thaw” which was performed with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Glass Harmonica ensemble Sinfonia di Vetro at The Royal Albert Hall. The film sequences were created by Lucas Jedrzejak and Prince Charles and Stephen Fry were in attendance. Below you can see footage from the event and learn more here.