Launching Mortal Kombat X

Last week, the team were drafted in to carve a sculpture for the hotly anticipated launch of video game, Mortal Kombat X, at DSTRKT, London.

As you can see, the sculpture is an imagining of Sub-Zero who is the only character to have appeared in every main release of the game since 1992.

Sub-Zero is a formidable fighting force who has the ability to manipulate ice in its many forms – a fitting character for an ice sculpture.

Nick began the process of creating the carving by sketching the character and then photographing himself at various angles in the same pose so that he had something tangible to copy.

He then carved out the rough shape with a chainsaw, before using smaller chisels to define the arms, clothes and face shape.

A die grinder was used to for the finer details, such as armour, accessories and facial features, while a dremel was employed for the eyes and emblems which count as super fine detail.

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