Making coloured ice

This week, the Hamiltons were approached by a client who is releasing a new perfume. They were asked to freeze a bottle in ice and to carve several smaller bottles for a photo shoot.

However, the client wanted a specific colour to be frozen into the middle of the sculptures so that they matched the colour of the perfume bottle. Not only this, but they also wanted a gradient effect.

As always, it’s incredibly important to be resourceful as an ice sculptor. Clients will make all kinds of requests and it’s important to use your knowledge and experience to achieve what they want.

Achieving a gradient in coloured ice

Making coloured ice under normal circumstances has its own problems. Lots of testing has to take place before any decisions on the dye are made.  Getting around the gradient problem is even trickier.

The solution to this one came in the form of a well. Building an slanted well allows more dye to collect in the deep end, meaning that the colour gradually loses its density as the angle increases.

See some of our coloured sculptures here.