Up on the roof

Recently, the Hamiltons were asked to live sculpt penguins for the launch of Moët & Chandon’s Ice Impérial pop-up bar at Madison Rooftop Terrace, London.

Their latest Champagne is designed to be poured over ice for a more refreshing summer tipple.

Nick and Ben took sections of ice through a labyrinth of corridors and a busy restaurant in order to get right to the top. Once there, they pieced everything together and began to carve.

Moët & Chandon wanted to show off their brand new mascot in style and here was the perfect opportunity to do it.

The party was full of celebrities, models and reality TV stars, such as: Oliver Cheshire, Lucy Watson, Lilah Parsons, Olivia Cox and Olivia Wayne.

The pop-up is open all summer, so make sure you sneak up for a drink before 1st September.

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