Power sculpting tools

Power sculpting tools are becoming ever more prevalent. It’s true that some ice sculptors still prefer to use the traditional chisel and do everything by hand.

However, power sculpting tools are often used in combination with manual tools to save time, money and to create extremely precise effects that are either unachievable by hand, or would be far too time consuming.

Large power sculpting tools

The chainsaw has always been a valuable ally in sculpting as it can make long straight cuts in the ice very quickly. Some skilled sculptors can use a chainsaw to finish a whole piece, but most commonly, the chainsaw is used for splitting and changing the size of blocks or cutting off excess ice.

Small power sculpting tools

A die grinder is an extremely versatile tool with interchangeable heads for creating a huge variety of effects. It’s normally used to put the detail and finishing touches to a sculpture and is very useful when it comes to carving human figures. A dremmel is even smaller and creates even finer effects.

Watch the video below to see a die grinder in action as Jamie carves a knight’s armour.

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