Roadmap news for ice sculptors

The past year has been nothing short of unprecedented.

This March we marked a year since the first lockdown began and without doubt, it has been a tough year for us all. Thankfully however we can now see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The British Government has published a four-step roadmap to ease restrictions across England and provide a route back to a more normal way of life. The Prime Minister has been clear that the government will be led by the data and not dates but we are pleased to see that a provisional date of June 21st has been set for large scale events.

By this date, it is hoped all legal limits on social contact can be removed and large-scale events and performances can go ahead. The whole team at Hamilton Ice Sculptors is thrilled with this news as it is at these events that we thrive!

Throughout the past year a lot has changed for our ice sculpting team and the normal scheduled events we would be working towards throughout the year were sadly cancelled. As many of you know, our team gets to work on some of the larger projects months in advance to meet deadlines but 2020 had other plans.

Our Ice experiences

One of our favourite and largest projects we would usually work on each year is the infamous Magical Ice Kingdom in Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. Our team is tasked with creating an exciting new theme for the Ice Kingdom for the 2.5 million people that visit the attraction during its six-week run each year but in 2020 it was not to be. With social distancing, travel restrictions and advice to stay at home, many of the larger winter attractions understandably had to be cancelled for the safety of the public.

Our team typically would begin work on The Magical Ice Kingdom in June after months of design, planning, and finalising themes but during the Summer the decision was made for the event to not go ahead. Whilst our team were naturally devasted to not be working on one of their favourite large-scale projects, we understood that safety came first.

Throughout the year our team is used to working on projects for a range of events and occasions. Ice bars and luges for example are extremely popular additions to parties and weddings in all seasons but with restrictions in place many of these heart-warming events that bring us together have had to be postponed.

Ice sculptures for adverts

We would also usually be working within the advertising and film sector which represents a large proportion of our work throughout the year but again, many of these projects and their requirements had to be reassessed to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

However, with the new roadmap set out for 2021 we are hopeful that we can once again start work on some of our favourite yearly projects! Our team is extremely excited to get back to work as normal, creating incredible, unique, and innovative ice sculptures for any event or occasion. The team are also looking forward to reopening our popular ice sculpting masterclass to the public later this year. We are hopeful that as the year progresses, we will see a return to normality and look forward to working on new and exciting ice sculpture projects!

If you have any questions, queries or ideas for an upcoming project or event that you would like to discuss with us, then do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 020 8944 9787 or why not email us at [email protected]. We look forward to working with you once again in 2021!