The Ultimate Centrepiece

The Hamiltons have been busy working on various centrepieces for a variety of events – particularly corporate dinners, banquets, parties and awards ceremonies. There is a choice between carved sculptures and 3D items frozen in ice. You can pick almost anything to be frozen and virtually any design can be carved into an intricate and unusual conversation starter. Recent ideas/themes have included buildings, landmarks and James Bond.

On a table for 8-10 people a mirrored perspex plinth measuring 35cm x 35cm x 10cm acts as the support for the centrepiece. It has its own drainage tray which catches any potential stray drips so that unsightly pipes become unnecessary. The plinth is also lit by an attractive, soft, battery powered led light which means that there’s no need to deal with cables or  awkwardly positioned plugs.

As you can see, a good centrepiece should serve to brighten and add an interesting focal point to any table. If you were to think outside the box and look at alternatives to flower arrangements, then an ice sculpture would be an excellent choice. Prices begin at £75 for each item frozen in ice and £150 for each custom carved sculpture. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.