The Waterside Inn’s 40th Anniversary Party

This week the Hamiltons went back to their roots as they sculpted a ruby and swans for The Waterside Inn’s 40th anniversary party. The restaurant is owned by the Roux family who have been friends of Duncan’s ever since he began working for them back in the 1970s. Originally started by Michel Roux Senior, his son Alain Roux is now executive chef in what is the first established institution outside France to hold three Michelin stars for a period of over twenty-five years.

When the Rouxs first came to Britain it is fair to say that our cuisine was of a far lesser standard than it is today and ice sculpture itself was generally confined to its origins in the culinary arena. Since then the dining and ice carving industries in the UK have progressed considerably with both businesses expanding and developing way beyond their initial remit. The Hamiltons’ repertoire now includes extensive work for film, advertising and high profile events, but it is always good to remember where you came from.