Transporting ice sculptures

You may have realised that transporting ice sculptures can be a tricky business. Unless the team are sculpting live or on site, all sculptures are made at the studio in walk-in freezers at a temperature of -20 degrees.

The idea is that they’re then taken to their destination with the minimum of fuss and in one whole piece. But how?

Transporting ice sculptures in vans

Normally ice sculptures are transported in vans. However, the vans aren’t refrigerated. For shorter journeys, ice sculptures can be wrapped in bubble wrap which insulates them enough to keep them cool and prevents any breakages. For longer journeys, dry ice is used to keep the atmosphere cold, while chest freezers can take the smaller sculptures.

As you can see in the above photo, pallets with shrink wrap, insulating blankets and polystyrene are just some of the things the team use to make sure that the sculptures don’t move around or fall over while in the back of the van.

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