Vodka brands love ice sculpture

The Hamiltons really enjoy ice sculpting for vodka brands. It’s something they’re asked to do quite frequently.

Vodka and ice not only complement each other extremely well, but they’re also synonymous with the idea of being clear, crisp and pure, which is probably why we see them together so often.

For this particular shoot, Jack and Ben headed into Central London with blocks of ice that would offset the product in the best way possible. In the interests of getting each shot exactly right, it’s important that the detail and finish of the ice is spot on.

Vodka brands see the light

It was requested that the surface of the ice should look soft and ripply, so the team made sure their chosen blocks were carefully fractured before transporting them across town.

Photographers love playing with ice and light. If you shine light on fractured ice at the correct angle, it will go silver and reflect like a mirror. Achieving the desired effects can take a bit of patience, but the results are definitely worth it.

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