Winter Wonderland is back

We are thrilled to announce that after being cancelled last year due to covid restrictions, Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland’s is back!

Since 2012, Hamilton Ice Sculptors has been proud to design, create and install the infamous The Magical Ice Kingdom for Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. However, the icy creations don’t stop there, with our team also sculpting the coveted ‘Bar Ice’ and offering Ice Sculpting workshops for those aged 12 and above.

What is there to do in Winter Wonderland?

There is a whole host of fun and inclusive events at this year’s Winter Wonderland, but we would always recommend starting with our favourite creation, The Magical Ice Kingdom.  As a fully immersive land covered in ice, snow and a little bit of magic, The Magical Ice Kingdom is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. As you enter through the beautifully crafted ice archway, you will be surrounded by over 500 tonnes of ice and snow sculptures, all created by our team.

Over 2.5 million people visit our ice creations during Winter Wonderland’s six-week run, and this year’s Mythical theme is all about creating a magical Christmas with a world of wizards, dragons, elves and unicorns. After a year of so much time spent indoors, away from loved ones, we thought it important to create a world that helps people of all ages escape the ordinary. As you travel through the secret ice passageways, you will venture upon all manner of fairy tale creations, including our enchanted ice palace, complete with ice-cold thrones for you to take your place on.

The Ice Kingdom lives up to its name with the temperature set at -10°C; we would definitely recommend wrapping up to make the most of your visit. Whilst you walk around, a professional photographer will take photos of visitors enjoying the ice that can be purchased at the merchandise shop.

Chilly Adventures

After enjoying your time in the snow and ice, you can venture over the the ‘Explorer’s Rest Bar’ for a hot drink or continue your icy adventure at ‘Bar Ice’- another Hamilton creation. The coolest bar in Winter Wonderland is exclusive to visitors aged 18+ and offers a fabulous selection of icy alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages.

The fun doesn’t end there, though, with Winter Wonderland offering a whole host of fun activities for children and adults. You can have more icy adventures in the snow by visiting the ice slide where you can race your friends to the bottom in a rubber ring! After you may want to try your hand at ice skating on the largest ice rink in the UK, set under an ethereal canopy of twinkly lights!

There are a range of festive-themed attractions and rides at this year’s Winter Wonderland with a whole host of rides from the Helter Skelter to the Eurocoaster, the Ice Mountain to the Haunted Mansion; there is something for everyone to enjoy. Afterwards, you can take a walk through the traditional Bavarian Village and through to the Christmas Markets filled with sweet treats, gifts, and so much more.

If after all of that you’re feeling a little peckish, you can find something to satisfy any craving at either the Street Food Village, The Fire Pit, Thor’s Tipi, The Arctic Lodge or one of the many other incredible vendors listed on their website here.

There is so much to see and do at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland; it is truly a magical place to create beautiful lasting memories. With 500 tonnes of ice to carefully design and sculpt, our team gets to work in January and starts creating the sculptures as early as June!

It is truly a labour of love, and we look forward to seeing the faces of the countless visitors every year as they pass into our magical ice creation. If you would like to learn more about how our team approach the task of creating the most magical ice-filled attraction each year, you can visit our Magical Ice Kingdom page.

Winter Wonderland opens its doors to the public on the 19th of November, but tickets are available to book now on their website! Our team have been incredibly proud to once again work on the coveted Magical Ice Kingdom, creating a fully immersed, frost-covered land filled with magic and wonder. Book early so you don’t miss out, and don’t forget to wrap up!