Worldwide ice adventures

Last week, the Hamiltons were asked to sculpt a tooth for a toothpaste company in Paris and it’s often the case that the team will travel to all kinds of locations around the world in order to create bespoke works of art.

Recently, Jamie and Ben jetted off to Hong Kong to create a photo opportunity for the public, carving a Cinderella-style carriage in the middle of a busy shopping centre. The USA, Canada, India, China and Australia are just a few of the many destinations stamped into the Hamiltons’ passports.

But what’s the most difficult aspect of sculpting abroad? The team generally write a shopping list of tools to purchase when they arrive as it has proved to be a little difficult transporting chainsaws and razor sharp chisels in suitcases in the past. However, this may not be for the reason you expect.

Ordinarily it’s perfectly acceptable to put an electric chainsaw or brand new petrol chainsaw in the hold. It’s just the fear that residual fumes from a used petrol chainsaw could cause problems. So here endeth the lesson. Feel free to take a chainsaw on holiday, as long as you don’t put it in your hand luggage!

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