Get your wedding sculpture ready

Everyone loves a Spring/Summer Wedding and thanks to the Government’s ‘Covid-19 Spring 2021 Roadmap’, from the 17th of May, Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies are permitted for up to 30 people in COVID-19 secure venues that are permitted to open. Receptions can also proceed with up to 30 people in a COVID-19 secure indoor venue, or outdoors, including private gardens.

The team at Hamilton Ice Sculptors is delighted with this news as we can now begin working on Ice Sculptures ready for these wonderful occasions!

For over 40 years the team at Hamilton Ice Sculptors have worked on handcrafting a vast array of wedding ice sculptures in all seasons and after a year of cancelled events, we are eager to get back to work. We proudly provide a bespoke wedding service and can carve any number of sculptures to commemorate your special day.

Our Gallery pages demonstrate some great examples of ice-art, ice luges, ice bars, and more to keep your guests entertained throughout the day!

Wedding Sculptures

Whether you have a specific idea for an ice sculpture that will complete your big day or are looking for some inspiration, we can help. Our team of expert ice sculptors can create highly detailed and intricate pieces of all shapes and sizes to wow your guests.

We can create wedding ice sculptures that will fit perfectly on a table or can be freestanding for your guest to stand and admire. From ice sculpture welcome signs and table numbers to famous landmarks and animals, anything you desire can be created.

For one Swan Lake-themed engagement party, our team was tasked with creating an incredible 400 ice swans to be placed on plates with caviar. This client wanted something unique, beautiful, and unforgettable for their special occasion and we were happy to deliver!

With any event, we love an icy challenge and relish any opportunity to get creative which is why the team is excited to help couples make their special day that much more memorable.

Ice Bars and Ice Luges

The bar is one of the most important elements of any wedding reception, but have you considered making it that much more exciting by hosting an ice bar? Ice bars are one of our most popular wedding ice sculptures and we love creating full-scale bars, built to your specifications and stocked with all your favourite beverages.

Our Party Ice Sculptures page has some great examples of wedding ice bars we have created in the past complete with icy bar stools and bar shelves. We can even freeze objects inside the ice such as LED lights and as can be seen from the example below, beautiful wedding flowers!

Alongside our infamous ice bars, many couples choose to add an ice luge! These hand-crafted ice luges are perfect in any season but are particularly popular in Spring/Summer to provide guests with their favourite refreshment at the right temperature.

Many weddings choose to have either a large ice luge incorporated into their ice bar design or can provide each table with their own ice luge as a unique (and useful) centerpiece! Whatever shape or size you would like your ice luge to be, our team has years of experience in creating classic ski runs, spirit bottles froze in ice and, more to give their special day that extra touch.

Get in touch

Our team at Hamilton Ice Sculptors can design and create a range of beautiful and intricate designs for any wedding, reception, or special occasion.

If you are planning a wedding or any other event to be held on May 17th or after this date and are interested in finding out more about our wedding ice sculptures, feel free to get in touch.

Whether you have something specific in mind or are looking for help with inspiration, our team is more than happy to work with you to design a bespoke wedding ice sculpture in time for your special day. For any questions about our ice sculptures, pricing or would like a quote for a project, get in touch today on 020 8944 9787 or email us at [email protected] to speak with one of the team.